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Use Cases

There are a plethora of use-cases for a modular and interface-rich platform like StackGuardian. Here are a few to jog your imagination.


Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is being widely adopted by teams across technology organizations and sectors and immutability, reduced human-errors and repeatability are some of the most apparent benefits of it.

While Terraform is a go-to tool for many to define IaC declaratively, collaborating on it can be a challenge and requires a lot of integration code and plumbing.

Here are some of the challenges that organizations face when using Terraform:

  • Secure state and secrets management
  • Steep learning curve due to complex configuration language
  • Complex configuration logic that is determined at deployment time
  • StackGuardian makes it possible to build Terraform workflows in minutes. Marketplace provides access to several pre-defined workflow step templates, which are excellent building blocks for robust provisioning flows.

    It is also very simple to bring your existing pipelines and workflows onto StackGuardian by containerizing them using Docker. You can then make use of the robust interfaces and dashboard to interact with them.


    Self-service infrastructure mechanisms can drastically reduce load on infrastructure teams but are also very hard to achieve and are usually limited by features and in terms of scalability.

    Here are some of the challenges that StackGuardian can help when allowing infrastructure self-service:

  • Need each team to be autonomous, but adhere to standards
  • Distribute reusable reference architecture
  • Lower skill gap barrier for infrastructure consumers like developers or even business

    Turn-key proactive compliance for your cloud resources in minutes using pre-defined cloud best practice policies.

    Using StackGuardian Policy Framework, one can also define custom policies which are human-readable yet machine enforceable.

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